What’s the difference between a personal trainer and a health coach?

What’s the difference between a personal trainer and a health coach?

The title health coach is being used frequently within the fitness industry, so what’s the difference between a personal trainer and a health coach?

One is no better than the other it’s really about what kind of service you want to provide as a qualified fitness professional. The level of support you give will be the same however it’s about what type of support you want to give and how you want to deliver your advice and motivation to your clients. The reason as to why people choose one or the other will really depend on the level of involvement a clients wants.

How do you want to support your clients
The role of the personal trainer is to set goals for their clients to improve and fix their health with regimented workout regimes and habits. They are experts in exercise prescriptions, technique and performance whilst monitoring and motivating their clients progress.

A health coach plays more of a guide who uses more of a client guided process allowing the client to realise what they need, what is holding them back and empower them to meet their health and fitness goals.

Personal trainers provide clients with an effective and efficient fitness program and workout routine. As a personal train their goal is to train their clients to attain the body that they want. To do this they will pretty much tell the client what to do and how to do it and that’s where the relationship ends.

Health coaches however are more heavily involved with their clients and support their every need. This is the big difference, a health coach is more like a life coach rather than just fitness guru. They take a softer approach but still provide nutritional and fitness support along the way.

So can you combine the two?
Of course you can, to be able to offer a varied skill set to your clients will always be desirable however it is important to ensure that you work to your strengths and are completely qualified before you offer a varied training program.

Being involved with someone fitness and wellbeing may require you to offer advice and guidance but this really depends on what type of trainer you want to be.

Now that you know the difference between a personal trainer and fitness coach, it’s time to choose but be sure that what type of trainer or coach you want to be. Regardless of the title you still need to be qualified before you can support people with their physical fitness and well being. Get qualified today with courses from Body Focus – find out more.

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