Tips on how to manage your Facebook Page successfully


Facebook is THE most popular social media platform so if you’re not on it then you’re missing a big business opportunity. Whether you’re setting up a business page for the first time or you’re looking for ways to improve your existing one then you’re doing the right thing – Facebook currently has 2.23 billion active monthly users.

To reach all of these people and to stand out from the crowd then we have a few tips to help you on your way.


Set Up Your Page Correctly – Don’t Create A Personal Account For Your Business

So many people do this by mistake and it’s easily done but if you don’t set up yourself up as a Business Page then you’re missing out on so many opportunities. Facebook Business Pages allow you to use the content creation tools, paid promotional opportunities, and analytics/insights. Not only that the biggest barrier is if you use a personal profile you only allow people to send you a friend request rather than allowing them to simply like or follow your page.

Determine the ideal timings and frequency of your posts

Experiment with your timings and learn when your audience is online to enable you to achieve the best possible engagement. Once you have posted at various times, start scheduling your content to control when your posts go out.

Get the content balance right

To have an effective Facebook Business Page you need to have the right balance of content. If you overly push your products and are constantly over the top selling then your audience will switch off, make sure you share posts that inform, entertain and inspire your audience. Use Facebook as a tool to educate and communicate with your audience first and selling should always be simmering away in the background.

Use images

Every post that goes out should include an image, video, or even gif in every post! These visual aids will grab your audience’s attention more effectively than text alone would in a newsfeed. Remember to use images that you have permission for. There are loads of website out there that provide free stock images. Try these to get you started:

  • Unsplash – great creative images and all completely free!
  • Stocksnap – Take a look, there are loads of options here too.

Talk to your customers

It’s important that you’re not just posting but that you engage with your audience. You are  measured by the level of communication you have with your followers and it improves your ranking if you’re consistent and attentive to you customers each day. Also why not try to start a conversation, ask questions in you post or engage with someone else’s business page that is relevant to you.

Review and measure your posts

Know your audience and understand your post performance. Facebook provides you with detailed insights into your page and audience behaviour. To enable you to improve your channel you need to be monitoring the content that you’re posting and understand what works.

These handy tips should help you to get started! There are many aspects to Facebook and lots of things that you can be doing to constantly improve you page. Have you had any specific issues with setting up a Facebook page? Let us know in the comments below.

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