Personal Trainer tools of the trade

Personal Trainer tools of the trade

The best tools for a Personal Trainer naturally change as trends in terms of exercise gain popularity and momentum, however, there are some that are here to stay and make the top five list time and time again


Check out the latest trends Personal Trainers consider ‘must haves’ as part of their day-to-day routine:


BMR Calculator


Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR) represent the number of calories needed to keep your body functioning whilst resting. BMR is typically known as your body’s metabolism – any increase to your metabolic weight, such as exercise, will increase your BMR. Once a client’s BMR is established, you can begin to measure how many calories a day you need to maintain or lose weight.




The kettlebell has become a staple part of a Personal Trainers kit and supports the trainer in teaching some of the most basic, yet invaluable, movements in exercise. The nature, shape and design of the kettlebell ultimately means every muscle group works together, making sure clients get the most out of their workout and is therefore an integral part of almost any workout plan.


Loop resistance bands


Loop resistance bands are affordable, versatile and help produce strong results. A Personal Trainer can carry them with them anywhere whilst also helping the trainer take bodyweight exercises to the next level without the need to add weights.


Club bells


The club bell offers a full-body workout that encourages the body to work as a whole rather than specific areas. Club bells allow you to build muscle, increase general fitness and loose fat whilst improving mobility and dexterity.


A heart-rate monitor


Monitoring and measuring a client’s heart rate is an important part of the wider fitness journey. Heart rate aligns with calories burned, BMR and weight loss, all forming strong indicators, helping you to identify progress and areas in need of further focus.

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