Lifelong learning for personal trainers (routes through to added value and nutritionists)

Nutritionists and personal trainers

Lifelong learning for personal trainers (routes through to added value and nutritionists)

Personal trainers and nutritionists go hand in hand. When you  are at the start of your personal training journey and are adapting to a new way of working based around the provision of fitness sessions to various clients. However, this is just the tip of the iceberg in terms of future opportunities within you new career. Consider the following and maximise your career potential:

1. Alternative revenue streams

Consider the bigger picture and explore what other lifestyle areas your clients may be interested in. Diet and lifestyle clearly go hand in hand – coaching in these areas can be a great add-on to a personal training service. Becoming a nutritionist is a natural way to develop your specialism because it offers such a close alignment to being healthy and helping your client understand exercise and fitness is also intrinsically linked to diet. It is important to also realise the difference between a dietitian and a nutritionists as the advice you give may need to have more professional backing.

Fitness aids can also form part of your wider PT product offer. Monitors and fitness trackers allow clients to measure achievements, showing progress and changes in the clients body.

Developing your own merchandise is also a great way to develop your brand and your business. It can help nurture a team spirit between you and the client and cultivate a sense of loyalty and retention.

2. Be flexible

Understand that your clients don’t necessary want long and intense personal training sessions. If possible split your sessions into half hours starting from 30 mins and working your way up. In doing this you are maximising your earning potential and showing clients that you are prepared to be flexible.

Group training programs can also be a cost effective approach for clients and can still give you a good return.

3. Incentivise your clients

We all love a discount – who doesn’t!! Discounts and packages can be very attractive and encourage long term buy in. Offering programmes complete with fitness, nutrition, lifestyle elements is another good way of solidifying client relationships.

Be flexible in your approach and carry this through to payment plans, allowing your clients to pay in a way that is realistic for them. In doing this you’re far more likely to retain your clients in the long term rather than in short bursts.

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