Learn to manage your time as you become a personal trainer

Personal trainer time management

Learn to manage your time as you become a personal trainer

Time management for a personal trainer is critical. Allocating time to the various areas that make up our role can be challenging but once you’ve mastered it, life as a PT will become so much simpler!

Consider the following for a more structured and cohesive day:

1. Goals!

Ask yourself, ‘what are my goals for the day, week month?’ – note them down and refer to them regularly. List your objectives and tick them off when you’ve hit your target.

2. Make decisions and stick with them

Being decisive, making clear decisions and sticking with them will help you feel more in control and give you a clear purpose and objective.

3. Priorities

Understand what is important and list your aims in order of priority.

4. Delegate

Do you really have to do everything yourself? Are there certain tasks that you can ask others to do? If so, and its cost effective, then do it!

 Look after your well-being.


Do you have a tendency to say yes to everything? This isn’t always the best route. Sometimes it’s ok to say no and to recognise you have enough your plate. Always look after yourself and know your limits.

Make sure you use the resources and tools available to you like our BMR calculators. And all our resources just to save you that extra bit of time. There’s no point in reinventing what’s already out here.

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