How Much Does It Cost to Become a Personal Trainer?

­ Training for any new career has costs. Not only does it cost money, it also costs you time, energy and lifestyle. Here we do our best do give you an idea of the cost and commitment it takes to realise your personal training dreams!



So, money it the big one. There are hundreds of courses you can take on and they range from anywhere around £900 for the cheaper courses and qualifications all the way up to the region of £30,000. But fear not, that top end figure is for courses such as full-blown degrees and you don’t need one of those to get your foot in the door and start working!


The cost also really depends on whether you want to specialise or not. For example, you might want to focus on personal training and on nutrition… these combined courses are available and prices variably.


The average figure to gain personal trainer qualification in the UK is around £1500. Even this might seem like a lot of money, but there are plenty of options to help you afford the training, and to help you fit it into your life.

There are various loans available for this kind of training. There are also many part-time and online supported course options, so that you can continue to work and earn alongside your course.



How much time does it take to train? Well, of course, it depends on the course you choose and how much time you have to spare. It is possible to become qualified in 4 weeks! This is really fast, but it generally requires you to be in the classroom from Monday to Friday and you’ll have homework too!


If you can’t manage ‘full-time’ because, like most of us, you have family, kids, another job… there are part-time options available to suit everyone. Some may be a day a week plus homework, or every weekend; this way, the average time scale is somewhere between 10 and 14 weeks.


Another option is to learn online. This gives you excellent flexibility, and then the completion time is up to you! A great option if you are good at motivating yourself.



Being a personal trainer is really rewarding, and fantastic for your own health and form. But be aware that you have to be pretty fit to begin with. The training process is hard work and there is a physical element to the training, so making time to keep your personal fitness up is important. Look after yourself!

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