Getting The Look of your Business Right


What about some of the more fun and interesting aspects of your business, such as its branding and make it look good and stick out from the crowd?!

Whether its your own name or something else, creating the right messaging for your business is crucial. You want to give people the impression that your business is professional, easy-to-understand and fits with their expectations. This is where you need to consider where your business sits in the world, who are you advertising too, who is it that’s going to buy from you. You may be skilled in a particular area of personal training, or you might complement your personal training sessions with nutritional advice.

You may work with people from particular walks of life or specialise for women, men, fitness, weight management or be more general. The point is that your business needs to tell people what you do and what it will do for them and that’s not always possible in just a with a name or logo and so you need to consider your branding as the overall asthetic of what you do. That’s from the content you write on your social media, the filter you use on instagram to the business cards you give out to prospects. Your business name is the start, you need to live an nourish brand and grow your reputation. We’ll look at this next at getting the ‘right look for your business’.

Getting the right look for your business can be tough. There are lots of tools online that we’ll reference here to help you get yourselves started. But lets start the process and order of priority, consider do you need?

  1. A company logo, if its yes then look at:
    • Is it a symbol/icon you want or just text?
    • Is there a strap line to sum up what you do e.g. Nike’s ‘Just do it’
    • What colours do you like, what colours suit your companies ethos and attitude
    • What is that ethos and attitude, what do you want people to think about your business
    • Who can design this for you, you can always go online to find one but how to you get what you want?

So how do you actually start this process?

The easiest place to start is looking at what you like online. This is ultimate resource, don’t kid yourself, there’s a lot of businesses out there like yours and any graphic designer will tell you their probably no original ideas out there. That means you need to research, research, research. Find logo’s of other companies and personal trainers you like, search Google for Personal trainer logos and start bookmarking what you like. And document why you  like them. Come back to them at a different time it


It can be tough to know when to get professional help and when not too. A lot of the time this will depend on you and your skill sets – but don’t give yourself a hard time – you can’t do everything. So be honest about what’s good and what’s not and have some around to tell you. Preferably someone who isn’t your nearest and dearest as they might not want to offend you!


Lets get the order right first! So these are things your going to need and these are some of the people that will be able to help you do it…

  1. Your friends and family. The following list of people you are probably going to need are already people that you know.

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