Generating New Leads: Your Website


Fresh custom is essential to growing your business. Not only do new customers bring in more revenue, but they are also a great asset when it comes to spreading the word about how fantastic you and your brand are. But the online market is so very crowded, and people like to go with what they know. So, how do you both stand out from the crowd and convince potential customers to step out of their comfort zone and take a chance on your service?

Having an online strategy for lead generation is now an absolute ‘must-have’ for any company. This idea can sound alien or even intimidating, but there are actually some very simple steps you can take to ensure that your website is in the best place possible to start creating some fresh custom. 

1. Identify Your Best Traffic Platforms

First of all, look at what is already working for you. Conduct an audit of all your online channels and platforms to see where the majority of your online traffic and engagement is coming from. The most common sources of high customer interaction are the following: Social Media, E-mail Marketing, Blog Posts and Live Chats.

If, for example, it turns out that most people click through to your site via Social Media, you need to ensure that the content that they click through to keeps them interested and coming back form more. Indeed, if the page your customers come to can encourage them to share content related to you (videos, blogs, memes, etc.), so much the better for spreading your brand.

2. Optimise Your Process

How do you know if one version of your site works better than another? The best way to work this out is to run an A/B test. This will essentially split the visitors your site down the middle, half will get one version of your landing page, the other half will gain access to the alternate. You will then gain statistics as to which version works best for lead generation. In this instance we measure lead generation by the number of visitors that are engaged enough by your content to furnish you with the personal information that would render them a legitimate lead.

In order to improve your website’s overall effectiveness you will need to test various versions of your ‘Calls to Action’, your ‘Landing Pages’ and your ‘Thank-you pages’.

3. Homepage CTA’s

A CTA (Call to Action) is essentially a link that tells your customers exactly what you want from them. These should be present and clear on your home and landing pages. The most common and effective calls to action are…

Subscribe Buttons. Generally speaking customers aren’t ready to fully engage the first time they visit your site, so a barrage of information and pressure to buy is a real turn off. However, a subscription for updates is much less aggressive, and requires no real effort or obligation from them.

Free Trial. This is an incredible way to create business. First of all, everybody loves free stuff, so a free trial is sure to entice. Also, in order to gain access to your free trial your customer will need to provide their personal information, or their e-mail address at he very least. This way you have created an opportunity to prove the quality of your product and gained a legitimate lead.

4. Keep Testing

These are just a few of the basic ways to optimize lead generation. Whether you graduate to more advanced methods or not, they key to all of this is to never sit back and stop testing. Always strive to keep ahead of the curve and to develop your relationship with your customers; both current and potential.

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