Generating New Leads: Your SEO


SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) does what is says on the tin; making sure all of your content is SEO rich increases the visibility of your business through search engines. The principles of this are actually quite simple to implement, and even a rudimentary application of its fundamental strategies can have a significant positive effect on your online visibility.

The biggest skill with SEO is to pepper it throughout your written content without anyone noticing. One you have that down, slipping it onto your various platforms should be no problem at all. Here’s a few ideas on how to get started…

1. Website Content Optimisation

Keywords. When people search for businesses like yours online, what words to they put into the search bar? The answer to this question will give you your keywords. If you can identify these keywords and then thread them amply and discreetly through your site, you will be well on the way to significantly enhancing your visibility.

Long Tail Keywords. These normally consist of three to four words, and are short phrases much more specific to your site than a single keyword. It is good to identify a few of these to put throughout your website for when a potential customer is searching quite specifically. For example, ‘body-building-gym-Liverpool’, is much more specific than ‘gym’.

Responsive Site. Make sure that there are various versions of your site appropriate to the device on which they are being viewed. Your website may look top drawer on a desktop, but might look terrible on a phone or tablet. Having as responsive site ensures that your domain is much more accessible and user friendly.

2. Active Blog

Most successful websites now have blogs. Although it is not essential, is has many positive effects on both your image and your SEO standings. Blogs make your business look active and up to date as well as offering an opportunity to cram more keywords and tags onto your platform.

Links. Linking to other relevant content on other sites strengthens your SEO. Try and do this as subtly as possible; integrating hyperlinks to relevant words and themes within your blog content.

Consistency. Google knows when you are being active. Activity and updates will keep your business buoyant within search engines. To sustain this, ensure that you are posting not only often, but consistently.

Quality. It is no use cramming your blog posts with links and keywords if they are not useful or do not make any sense. The content still has to be of a good quality. Customers will return to sites where they are guaranteed to engaged by what is being offered, and hopefully make noise about it online, which will, of course, support your SEO.

3. Image Tags

There are many ways in which you can sneak in keywords. One such way is to give any images you include in your online material an ‘alternative tag’. This is a setting that you will be able to access when you are uploading your images. Inserting a keyword or even a long tail keyword in this section will support your site with essentially invisible SEO.

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