Finding the path to funded Personal Training courses

Finding the path to funded Personal Training courses

There are a number of routes to learning for those who are considering a career in Personal Training, some paid for and others funded by the government. With political changes afoot and Brexit looming, now is potentially a good time to scope out what funding currently exists before channels are closed or are suspended.

Brexit is casting a shadow over future funding and so the opportunity for funding should be secured now.

There are a number of free online courses available, however, you may be unable to operate as a qualified trainer unless the course is officially registered. A sound route to explore in terms of funded personal training courses’ is a traineeship or an apprenticeship programme, which gives you the necessary skills and formal qualifications to operate as a qualified Personal Trainer.

Under an apprenticeship, you often have to be employed to access funding, however, if eligible, all training is paid for via the government. Apprenticeships typically last between 9 and 12 months during which time the student will be visited by a tutor each month ‘on site’ where they will evaluate progress and plan ahead in line with the syllabus. Under the programme, the student will also be expected to attend training and workshop sessions to enhance learning and development.

Traineeships and Apprenticeships are typically accessed via a work placement allowing the student to gain experience of working within the industry, opening opportunities to gain that all important accreditation. Body Focus have access to 100s of employers and we are well placed to help you in your decision making and finding the right placement and route for you.

The route to becoming a personal trainer isn’t necessarily a straight forward one, however, a fully funded training course will help remove the initial cost barrier that many young people face. The traineeship or apprenticeship combines the relevant experience whilst undertaking a professional qualification.

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