The secret to good content – what every personal trainer should know


What Is Your Style?

As a personal trainer you will have a certain style and you will naturally write and post in a certain way – you are your brand. The branding on all your communications should reflect you and feel right. Once you’ve found it, develop it and ensure that everything you do is within this style so your audience becomes familiar and recognises you straight away.

Know Your Audience:

What should influence your content and be the main reason for the content you create is your target audience. Who is your audience? What is their age, gender, location? This will have a massive impact on the type of content you create.

Eg. If you have a larger male audience then maybe you would use more of a masculine design and share content that speaks more to them.

What Are Your Competitors Doing?

Have a look at your competitors. What are they doing? What style and tone are they using?

Get some inspiration and see how you can create your own content using some of their ideas. There is nothing wrong with developing upon someone’s idea but be sure that you make it your own.

Get Organised

Content can take time to create but if you’re organised you can plan out you activity. It’s important to look ahead so you don’t miss any key dates that can help your business. There are loads of free resources online where you can build calendars, schedule content or quickly create a plan so you can make sure you stay on top of those important dates.

Be Brave

Don’t be scared to try new things, setting up and creating something new is scary but it’s important to be brave and bold when creating and sharing content. Let’s be honest we only remember the content that  is different and stands out so you need to experiment to see what works.

You Don’t Always Have To Spend Money To Make Money

If it’s a bad idea no matter how much money you throw at it your audience will notice so you’ll be glad to know that you don’t need a massive budget to create something that people will like. Using your smartphone is a great place to start, start taking pictures, short videos and build up a catalogue of content that you can share.

There are many types of trainers out there and you are one of them. Research is the best place to start and see what you like and how you want to represent yourself before you get started. More importantly GET STARTED, you will find a rhythm and you will soon be great content creators. Before you begin to share your content you should also make sure that you’re qualified and able to train. Body Focus provides a range of courses for fitness professional – find out more