Can personal trainers make money on Instagram?


Product placement and sponsorship is another potential revenue stream for you to use as a personal trainer. If you think about the bigger accounts that you follow you’ll be able to notice that all of them do it at some point.  Once you’ve grown a big enough audience on your channel you can approach brands that suit you and your business and work together.

You will notice this on the personal trainers you should be following on Instagram blog post. Big industry influencers link themselves to products and organisations that can help them and their business but also compliment their brand too.

What Can You Make Money From?

Think about the products or organisations that you like yourself and also companies that share your beliefs eg. is it ethically made? Who is it associated with?

This is important as you will be directly associated with these companies. Make sure that you make an educated decision before you go into business with anyone.

So get building your audience! Once you’ve gain a following you’ll be able to approach companies to see if you can generate another stream of income. You need to be clever in business and this is a legitimate way for you to work within the industry and also help you to get noticed by being associated with other bigger brands.

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