Building A Good Reputation: Online Profile


As you probably know, you cannot build a successful business these days without a strong and positive online presence. The online side of your business should not be undervalued or under-resourced and should be taken seriously as it is can be un unpredictable and quickly developing beast.

The internet has the ability to make a sensation of you and your business, but it can also drag it down. This is not entirely in your control, but there are many things you can enact as part of your online practice to ensure that your brand gains the traction that you desire.

1. User Friendly Website

Anyone interested in your business is bound to visit your website. I don’t know about you, but when a company’s website is either outdated, badly designed or difficult to navigate I tend to go off the brand a little. Your site is your shop window, the thing that will switch a potential customer either on or off, so it should reflect your brand and its values perfectly. Invest in design, ensure that it is engaging without offering unnecessary information, and most importantly, keep it current with regular news and updates.

2. Request Positive Reviews

This might sound oddly needy, but it is now pretty commonplace. Most of us understand the need for online support in order to stick out from the crowd, and if a customer is happy with a service or product, a ‘like’, ‘share’, or quick review is not too much to ask. So, make a review request a regular part of any promotional material you send out there. What have you got to lose?

3. Local and Online Support

Reach out to related businesses and influencers from your industry, as well as related businesses in your local geographical area. This is a good way to not only get your name around, but also to create a business community and support network around your brand. It is also a great idea to add your business details to any online communities related to your industry; groups and directories, for example.

4. Keep An Eye On Review Platforms

It is possible to track your online reputation with the help of applications such as Google Alert and RSS Reader. This will notify you of any talk about your company on blogs, review platforms and social media. Tracking this will allow you to see where you can improve more easily. Also, make sure that the profiles of your business on review sites are kept up to date and consistent across platforms; this is important for your tracking algorithms to work effectively and to illustrate that you are committed to being current.

5. Keep Your Output Positive and On-Brand

Positivity and consistency across all online output is important. There will be haters online, and you must ensure that your responses are not only positive but consistent with the values of you and your brand. Having a clear set of guidelines on the parameters in which your online output should sit is important in order send a clear message to the world about your companies processes and attitudes.

6. Have A Good Business

The most important thing when trying to build a well-regarded brand is simply to run a good business. If your service or product is of the highest quality and is well managed, hopefully the majority of your online traction will take care of itself!

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