A Guide to Starting your own Personal Trainer Business


If you have completed your level 3 personal trainer course and are now looking to start building your career and earning money. Body Focus can provide you with some of the key steps that will help you build a part-time of full-time business.

We are also developing an employment portal that will allow you to advertise your skill set and help people and businesses find you. Businesses and people looking for personal fitness instruction contact Body Focus with vacancies and opportunities and as a graduate of Body Focus’s personal fitness courses we will bring these opportunities to you, for FREE.

Obviously, you’re in competition with other personal trainers and so building a good profile to showcase what you can do, what skill sets you have and what others say about you is key to your development and key to offering security to your customers. We’ll guide you through some of the fundamentals about starting up a business. So lets take a look at some of these:

1. Starting a business.
2. Insurance for you and your business.
3. Getting the look of your business right.
4. Building a good reputation:
online reputation
Your reputation in the world (offline)

5. Making sure you get social media right.
Instagram – To Use or Not to Use?
Instagram – Who to Follow?
Instagram – Can Personal Trainers Make Money on Instagram
Facebook – Managing Facebook Pages
The Secret to Good Content
6. Generating new leads and business, which includes:
Your Website
Your SEO
Your legal privacy policy and GDPR requirements

This 6 part series begins with some of the fundamentals to starting your business for yourself. Along the way we’d like to help where we can with tips and tools that you might find useful to earn money, or make your life easier. Here’s some of the Free tools Body Focus provide that you might find useful:

Earnings calculator (for employed and self-employed)
Basal Metabolic Rate Calculator (metric and Imperial measurements)
– A 3 part series to help understand Nutrition: https://www.body-focus.co.uk/dieting-and-nutrition/
– A series of blogs focused on becoming a personal trainer, to the best APPS, best nutrition, tools and techniques: https://www.body-focus.co.uk/blog/

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